Saturday, April 13, 2013

Outfit: Pink Pants

Pink pants must be in this season because when we got together this afternoon for a post we were both wearing very similar outfits! Pastel denim is definitely a sign of spring. Ellie and I both got many compliments on our "springy" outfits throughout our day. Colored pants are comfortable, easy to wear, and a great addition to any spring outfit!

Ellie's Outfit:
Shirt:Target (similar)
Pants: Target
Shoes: Nordstroms

Maddie's Outfit:
Shirt:Lucky (similar)
Pants: Urban Outfitters (similar)
Shoes: Sperry's

Whats yor favorite spring outfit?

Maddie & Ellie

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fitness: Staying Fit on Vacation

Although vacation is time to indulge, it never feels good to come back from a trip feeling like you are out of shape. We were conscious of this on our last trip and tried hard to maintain a routine while still appreciating our surroundings. We have found a couple tricks that help keep us on track and full of energy.

1. Sparkling Water with Lime! (Agua Mineral Con Lima Por Favor)
Although it may be tempting to sip on a sugary Pina Colada while sitting pool side, our tip is to skip the drinks mid-day and stick to a refreshing sparkling water. The sugar and alcohol, from a tropical drink, may perk you up in the short run, but as the afternoon drags on you will lose steam. Sparkling water is fun to sip on and the lime adds a special touch. You will also stay hydrated and are skipping extra calories.

2. Take the Stairs!
Seriously! Get in the habit from day one of taking the stairs. The extra flights, however small they may seems, definitely add up. Making healthy choices like skipping the elevator ride can also encourage you to make other healthy choices in general. One step at a time ;)

3. Indulge Once a Day
Complete restriction on vacation is unnecessary and no fun! That said, going over board every meal is going to make you feel sick and lethargic  Our suggestion is to pick one special treat a day but stick to the normal routine. We stuck to oatmeal and lots of fruit for breakfast, veggies and protein for lunch and then a special desert or cocktail after a yummy dinner! Staying with the routine helps to keep your body feeling normal and indulging keeps you satisfied while on vacation.

4. Get your Workout in Early!
Heat and humidity can really tire you out. Wake up refreshed and get some exercise before the sun takes its toll. A thirty minute run on the beach, a swim in the pool or a few games of tennis are a great couple of ways to stay active and fit on your vacation. 

5. Stay Busy!
Fill your vacation with fun activities that get you moving! You don't have to run on the treadmill to get your heart pumping. Swim in the ocean, go hiking in the jungle, or do some water aerobics. Although vacation is definitely a time for relaxation, you will feel both rested and happy on your return if you use vacation time to get in touch with what you body really needs! 

What are your favorite tips to keep active on vacations?

Maddie & Ellie

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Our trip to Mexico was both relaxing and adventurous. We did plenty of lounging by the pool and beach but also explored our surroundings. It was fun to spend time with our family, read new books and soak up the sunshine. Here are some highlights from the trip: 

Ellie and Maddie dressed up for a fancy French dinner. One of our favorite part of the vacation was getting freshened up and picking out cute outfits to wear for dinner nightly. 

Maddie at the beach! Can you believe she rode a mechanical bull before this photo? 

 Ellie and Jay enjoying a drink before the Circus Show! 

Family adventure to Coba (a Mayan ruin), included repelling, zip-lining and swimming in a cenote. 

 Maddie in downtown Cancun, looking for some pottery to bring back to Oregon. 

All of our rooms were right next door! Surprise :) 

 Brandon and Maddie post climb to the top of a Mayan temple. 

 Jay and Ellie enjoying a golf cart ride around Isla Mujeres, before snorkeling. 

Brandon and Maddie looking glamorous before dinner. 

We had a blast on our trip. Surprisingly the transition back to Oregon wasn't too bad. We were greeted with 75 degree weather and sunshine, we should go to Mexico more often! 

Ellie & Maddie 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Packing: Mexico

After a rainy first day of spring, we are more than excited to jet to Mexico tomorrow. Ellie and I have been planning for the vacation for far too long and now its only hours till we board the plane. Although Ellie has been packed for weeks, I have had a harder time deciding what to bring. Tonight, I decided to use our destination as an inspiration and pack the most colorful items in my closet. If you know me well  you will understand that there are very few "colorful" items in my drawers. But hey, If I am going to wear something bright, it might as well be on the Beach in Cancun!

Bright Pedicure: Essential for a beach vacation! Bright colors will make your toes look all the better as you walk through the sand :)

Colorful Swimsuit: You can never have too many bright swimsuits. Feel free to mix and max!

Neon Athletic Wear: Perfect for sunset yoga on the beach.

New running shoes: A cute new pair always makes the run more enjoyable!

Party Dresses: It is so fun to play dress up after a long day at the beach!

Summery heels: These will spice up any outfit!

Hope you have an escape planned soon! Can't wait to share pictures from the trip :)


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Craft: Baby Apron

One of Ellie's close friends, and family running buddy, is having a baby girl this spring. For her baby shower we decided to make her something homemade as well as giving her something practical. The theme of the shower was elephants so we decided on this adorable grey elephant fabric and made a Bapron, by following this tutorial from Craftiness is Not Optional. The pattern is fairly simple, and now that we have made one, we feel confident we could make several more easily.

 Jay supervision the sewing!

Isn't the fabric adorable!

Mom ironing away on the second babpron.

Heading to the shower, Ellie got this new dress at Gap today, how could she resist when everything in the store was thirty percent off.

 Snacks at the shower!

The beautiful mommy opening her gifts. We love this baby carrier we got her, so pretty and stylish.

The finished bapron. Adding pink bias tape makes it pop.

 Maddie and the mom too be.

We had such a fun time celebrating. The shower was absolutely adorable. Our hosts had done an amazing job decorating, baking, and planning. They really made us feel welcome!

Ellie & Maddie

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fitness: Beach Ready Yoga

Later this month we are lucky enough to go on a family beach vacation to Cancun, Mexico. We are in quick need of toning fitness moves to get us bikini ready! It is not often in Portland that we get to wear our bikini, let alone show off our calves in all the rain. We found two great Jillian Michaels yoga videos that do the trick. They are challenging without feeling like you are bulking up. She uses a method of yoga with high intensity reps evolved from classic yoga moves. Here are some pictures of us doing  our favorite toning moves. 

Warrior Two pose:

Warrior One pose to Warrior Three pose done in repetitions:

Warrior One post repetition with arms out and in:

Goddess pose done in repetitions:

Plank pose into Three Legged Dog pose done in repetitions:

Camel Pose Repetitions:

Camel Pose: 

Here is the link to the videos, Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Level 1 and Level 2. We were thrilled to have sunny weather in Portland this weekend because usually we practice yoga in Ellie's tiny bedroom. It can get quite cramped!

Ellie & Maddie