Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Outfit: Workday Wednesday

Wednesdays are always challenging for me to pick a outfit. Over the weekend I think of cute ideas for Monday and Tuesday but by Wednesday my brain is a little fried from six year old chatter and all I want to wear is sweatpants. As a way to encourage myself to wear something festive during the middle of the week and inspire others to do the same, I am starting Workday Wednesday. Here is my first outfit! 

This is one of my favorite neutral dresses from J Crew. Navy always looks good with a pop of color. Maddie let me borrow her orange necklace and with my teal sweater it feels very nautical. Sometimes, it is helpful to pretend that mid-January is the the beginning of spring.

What is an outfit that cheers you up mid-week?

Ellie's Outfit:
Dress: J Crew (Similar)
Necklace: J Crew (Similar)
Sweater: Target
Boots: Steve Madden


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  1. I swear, I just have trouble... every day all the time. Haha. I really like the pop of color that your necklace adds!