Monday, February 4, 2013

Fitness: Running in Washington Park

One of the many benefits of living in Portland, Oregon is the beautiful parks and running trails just minutes away. There is something about running through the woods on a cold winter morning that can be both magical and therapeutic. My mother, Nancy, and I are training for the San Francisco Marathon this June. For the sake of a goofy blog post and because it was a Saturday, we decided to take our phone with us and take a couple of pictures mid run. Sadly, we learned that taking action shots is not as easy as advertised and we also looked like total tourists :)

One time we saw the T.V. show Grimm filming in this clearing!

Our usual 8 mile loop that we run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings begins with a 2 mile hill which brings us up to the Rose Garden and Japanese Garden. We then continue on a combination of hilly trails that run throughout Washington Park.


If you have any questions or need any specific running advice feel free to contact Ellie and me for tips and tricks!