Outfit: Is it spring yet?

Just as I am getting tired of the gray winters in Portland, March arrives and gives me hope for spring. I will surely miss chunky sweaters and boots but, I can't wait for the ability to easily throw on a lacy blouse and go. This outfit is my grab and go outfit for the colder months. First, leggings, a long sleeve, and some fabulous boots. Next, your oversized sweater of choice. 

My Outfit:
Leggings: Target
Long sleeve: Gap
Boots: Frye
Sweater: Nordstroms (Out of season)

Happy March! What is your chunky sweater of choice?


Outfit: Workday Wednesday

Sometimes you need a work outfit that it quick and easy.   This dress I am wearing from Target is that outfit for me. It fits great, is comfortable, and wears well all day. My only problem is that I am tempted to wear it to work all the time. 

Having a few ready made thrown on outfits is essential for any successful work wardrobe. What simple and quick outfits do you have that work well any day?

Ellie's Outfit:
Dress: Target (Similar)
Boots: Steve Madden


Outfit: Valentines Date Night

Whether you are going out with friends or having a date night with your honey, Valentines day is the night to wear pink or red! This Valentines day, my girl friends and I decided it would be fun to get together regardless of our relationship status'. To dress for the occasion I found an adorable pink satin dress to wear out! Paired with some black heels and a simple necklace I have the perfect outfit for a fun night. 

Maddies Outfit:
Dress: Nordstroms
Shoes: Nordstroms
Okay, I had a little Nordstroms shopping trip ;) Can't wait to wear it out.
Whats your favorite Valentines day outfit?

Outfit: Workday Wednesday

Start with the basics! A simple black pencil skirt and sweater is an easy neutral base for any work outfit. Then, add some colorful accessories. Having a different scarf or necklace for everyday of the week is much less expensive then a different pencil skirt. Adding textured tights and fun boots also adds dimension to the outfit. The scarf was a gift from my California best friend, and definitely cheers me up on the rainy Oregon days.

Honesty, I wear some combination of a black pencil skirt and a colorful piece at least twice a week. My basic black sweater is a go to as well. What items in your work wardrobe are essentials?

Ellie's Outfit:
Sweater: J Crew
Skirt: Banana Republic
Tights: Nordstroms (Similar)
Boots: Frye
Scarf: Gift


Outfit: Happy Birthday Jay!

This weekend we took a trip to Bend to celebrate Jay's birthday! We went skiing yesterday morning with our good friends and then headed out to hear music and celebrate. I wanted to wear an outfit that was festive but also practical for being out and about in the cold. My favorite dark jeans, a flowy blouse and a bright necklace will work perfectly.

Ellie's Outfit:
Jeans: Paige Jeans Nordstroms
Blouse: Target (Similar)
Shoes: Target
Necklace: J Crew
Coat: Thifted

My friend Megan took these photos in her front yard. Isn't her canoe pretty amazing!

What fun plans do you have for the long weekend?


Outfit: Cozy Comfort

When putting together a cold weather outfit for an outing in Portland I often ask myself the same question, "Is anyone actually going to see my blouse?" More often than not, the answer is "no". So, I have begun to develop my outfits around the jacket itself rather than what is underneath. The important thing then becomes what will be seen on top of the jacket! Cute scarfs, boots, and a fun bag can easily dress up a plain coat. Another trick I love is to wear a long sweater underneath so that even if your jacket is all zipped up, you can still see a little glimpse of what is underneath! 

Maddie's Outfit:
Boots: Frye
Purse: Vintage Coach
Jeans: Gap
Jacket: ASOS (similar)

Stay warm! What are your favorite winter outfit tricks?


Cold Weather Cute

Need ideas for cold weather attire? We have a few suggestions that will keep you both warm and stylish at the same time. We have spent the last two weeks bundling up in Eastern Oregon and Northern Idaho, the weather is sure different than Portland. Maddie misses the forty degree weather and rain in Portland. Ellie can't quiet believe this! While on vacation we learned to layer, and layer and layer. Here are some of our favorite layering looks.

Because Maddie refused to take off her long underwear the entire ski vacation... she decided to incorporate them into her outfit. Honestly, throwing a big sweater, boots, and a scarf on over leggings or jeans is the easiest way to look both fashionable and dressed for the winter weather outside.

Sweater: Free People
Scarf: Nordstroms (Similar)
Leggings: Mod Cloth
Boots: Nordstroms (Similar)
Purse: National Geographic Store

Ellie, who always finds a way to wear a skirt or dress, learned the art of tights and socks and boots. She is still moderately warm, although she did have to take off her down coat for the photos.  SmartWool socks are the save all and thick leather boots sure help!

Dress: Shop Bop (Similar)
Tights: Spanx (Similar)
Socks: SmartWool (Smiliar)
Boots: Frye
Belt: J Crew (Similar)
Bangles: JCrew
Cowl: Homemade

How do you stay warm in cold weather? We obviously still need more tips!

Ellie & Maddie

New Years Outfits

Want the perfect New years outfit without splurging on a head-to-toe bedazzled gown? You may have the perfect look already hanging in your closet. All you need is the help of a couple important accessories. Contrary to popular belief, you can wear a dress more than once. Actually, you should pride yourself on your ability to re-wear core pieces over and over again.

New Years Party Essentials:
Sparkle or metallic (I bet you could have guessed that one)
Tights or long pants (Its December and/or January alright!)

Maddie's Outfit:
Don't be scared to wear brown with black. The proper shades DO go together. Sometimes pairing black boots, a black dress, and black tights, can turn your outfit darker than you were initially envisioning.

Dress: Aritzia
Scarf: J Crew (Similar from Target)
Earrings: Lamb Trading Company
Tights: Spanx Tights (Similar)
Boots: Steven Madden (Similar)
Top: Urban Outfitters (Similar)
Belt: J Crew (Similar)

Ellie's Outfit:
Start with the basics. Taking a pair of classic black jeans you can dress them up easily with a fancy shirt, sparkly earrings, and some pumps. I instantly fell in love with this shirt when I was at Target recently.

Jeans: Target
Shirt: Target
Pumps: Target
Earrings: Anthropologie (Similar)

Ellie & Maddie


With the new trend of cozy cowls this season and with the simplicity of their design,  we wanted to make some cowls of our own. Our goals: save money and make something original. We started knitting!  

We used three different patterns. Two of the cowls were made from patterns on Ravelry, (www.ravelry.com) and one of the patterns was purchased from our local knitting store Knit Purl, (www.knit-purl.com). The white cowl was a pattern from the fibre company called Artic Circle. The Blue cowl was from SpiderWomanKnits and is called the Drop Stitch Cowl. Lastly, The burgundy cowl was from Ravelry.com and is called the Marian. We had a lot of fun knitting these cowls and ended up liking all of them equally. It is amazing how quickly you can knit a cowl and how beautiful they turn out!

Ellie & Maddie


  1. So cute! I am going to make one this weekend, maybe even get my mom to join me!

    Love this blog!

  2. Yay! They are so fun to knit and quick! We will have to have a knitting party this summer :)