Craft: The Boot Cuff

Although big socks with leggings and boots is an adorable look, sometimes shoving a thick sock into a boot can be cumbersome. The alternative: the boot cuff! Ellie had a professional development today,  a work day spent in meetings, so she was doubly productive knitting these cute cuffs and learning.

Ellie got this  Sol Maldonado. pattern from Ravelry. The cuffs were fairly easy to knit, with a basic front cable pattern and different combinations of knit and purl. Maddie got to model them!

Craft: Slouchy Star Hat

To get back to Portland from Northern Idaho, we had to drive nine hours in the car! Sounds pretty painful but actually wasn't too bad. My husband drove the whole way, he rocks, and my sister, mom and I road along and knitted! It was fun. We all are working on new and exciting projects. I found my hat pattern on Ravelry, and thought it was stylish and wouldn't be too challenging to knit.

In Idaho, I was lucky enough to catch up with a good friend from college, Taylor. She is an excellent knitter, and a great friend, check out these baby hats she knit.  Taylor taught me a knitting stitch which is used on my hat. It is a simple and clean way of casting on, which works great for a hat where the edge is very visible. I also used a new method for making a new stitch called M1.

What craft projects have your completed in the new year? Have you tried anything new?



With the new trend of cozy cowls this season and with the simplicity of their design,  we wanted to make some cowls of our own. Our goals: save money and make something original. We started knitting!  

We used three different patterns. Two of the cowls were made from patterns on Ravelry, ( and one of the patterns was purchased from our local knitting store Knit Purl, ( The white cowl was a pattern from the fibre company called Artic Circle. The Blue cowl was from SpiderWomanKnits and is called the Drop Stitch Cowl. Lastly, The burgundy cowl was from and is called the Marian. We had a lot of fun knitting these cowls and ended up liking all of them equally. It is amazing how quickly you can knit a cowl and how beautiful they turn out!

Ellie & Maddie


  1. Man can you please just teach me how to knit Ellie? All of these projects are amaaaazing! I'm particularly loving those boot cuffs and that adorable hat. So cute!

    1. P.S. I'm also obsessed with your blog layout. ha just thought you should know. :)