Fitness - Maui Hiking!

To escape the gray of Portland winter my mother and I took a short vacation to the western coast of Maui and stayed at the Napili Surf Beach Resort. It was amazing to hike around, snorkel, and experience the beauty of a completely different part of the world. It was spectacular how many different plants and animals call Maui their home. Although it was warm on our trip it was unfortunately not as sunny as we had hoped. There were flash flood warnings and rainstorms the last couple days of our vacation. We did not let the less than perfect weather keep us inside though!

:: It was so warm I got to show off the new sportsbra I got at Lululemon! So comfy and cute! ::

:: My mother and me! ::

:: The not so spectacular weather ::

:: Neat plants ::

:: The sunny day hike ::

What is your favorite sunny vacation spot?


Weekly Pilates

Tuesday night is our family's night to get together. We chat about the week,  do some pilates, and eat  yummy Thai food at Jade. It is a great way to see each other, and pilates is a relaxing way to start the week! Anne McCranie is our awesome pilates instructor and the founder of Fluid Movement and Massage. Every month, Anne puts together five exercises, which we practice each week along with previous ones we have learned. The January Five are hundreds, leg circles, down dog, trangle, and seated twist. Here are our attempts. You can find the instructions for these five and also other helpful health and fitness tips on her website.

Triangle ::

Hundreds ::

Leg Circles ::

Seated Twist ::

Downward Dog ::

Have a healthy and happy weekend!

Maddie & Ellie

Maddie and I take a weekly Pilates class with Anne McCranie of Fluid Movement + Massage. The class is a blast and it is a great way to both exercise and get together as a family!

Ellie is demonstrating the Digging Trenches move in Pilates. 
Maddie rocking the side plank! 

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