Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Night Makeup!

After a long week of work and a less than optimal sleep schedule I am ready for a couple days off! My plans for the weekend: have a couple cocktails, enjoy the sunshine, and sleep in at least once! To change it up a bit I thought it would be fun to do a post about my easy makeup routine for a fun night out. My day to day makeup is similar but I rarely wear eyeshadow or heavy eyeliner. To be honest, it was a little scary to take photos without any make up on. This week has definitely darkened the circles under my eyes!

Before Makeup: 

 MAC Pro Longwear NW 25 Concealer leaves my skin begging for some bronzer :)

First Bronzer. Then brows and eyeliner.  I color my brows with a brunette creamy brow pencil and my favorite eyeliner is the Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eye Pen.

MAC MULCH eyeshadow works as a great smoky eyeliner.

Because Im headed out to meet some girlfriends, a little dark brown eye shadow in the crease is definitely appropriate. I use MAC WEDGE and then add some shimmer.

I am extremely picky about my Mascara. After trying everything, I finally found the perfect one: Voluminous False Fiber Lashes by L'Oreal. Honestly, try it.

Add a little lipstick and I am ready!

This routine literally take me less than a couple minutes and it really works!

Have an awesome weekend!



  1. Totally doing my makeup like this tonight! Thanks for the advice :)

    1. You totally should. I am sure it would really accentuate your eyes.

  2. You are so beautiful without make up! What eyebrow pencil do you use? You do a great job filling them in :)