Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Packing: Mexico

After a rainy first day of spring, we are more than excited to jet to Mexico tomorrow. Ellie and I have been planning for the vacation for far too long and now its only hours till we board the plane. Although Ellie has been packed for weeks, I have had a harder time deciding what to bring. Tonight, I decided to use our destination as an inspiration and pack the most colorful items in my closet. If you know me well  you will understand that there are very few "colorful" items in my drawers. But hey, If I am going to wear something bright, it might as well be on the Beach in Cancun!

Bright Pedicure: Essential for a beach vacation! Bright colors will make your toes look all the better as you walk through the sand :)

Colorful Swimsuit: You can never have too many bright swimsuits. Feel free to mix and max!

Neon Athletic Wear: Perfect for sunset yoga on the beach.

New running shoes: A cute new pair always makes the run more enjoyable!

Party Dresses: It is so fun to play dress up after a long day at the beach!

Summery heels: These will spice up any outfit!

Hope you have an escape planned soon! Can't wait to share pictures from the trip :)


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