Friday, April 5, 2013

Fitness: Staying Fit on Vacation

Although vacation is time to indulge, it never feels good to come back from a trip feeling like you are out of shape. We were conscious of this on our last trip and tried hard to maintain a routine while still appreciating our surroundings. We have found a couple tricks that help keep us on track and full of energy.

1. Sparkling Water with Lime! (Agua Mineral Con Lima Por Favor)
Although it may be tempting to sip on a sugary Pina Colada while sitting pool side, our tip is to skip the drinks mid-day and stick to a refreshing sparkling water. The sugar and alcohol, from a tropical drink, may perk you up in the short run, but as the afternoon drags on you will lose steam. Sparkling water is fun to sip on and the lime adds a special touch. You will also stay hydrated and are skipping extra calories.

2. Take the Stairs!
Seriously! Get in the habit from day one of taking the stairs. The extra flights, however small they may seems, definitely add up. Making healthy choices like skipping the elevator ride can also encourage you to make other healthy choices in general. One step at a time ;)

3. Indulge Once a Day
Complete restriction on vacation is unnecessary and no fun! That said, going over board every meal is going to make you feel sick and lethargic  Our suggestion is to pick one special treat a day but stick to the normal routine. We stuck to oatmeal and lots of fruit for breakfast, veggies and protein for lunch and then a special desert or cocktail after a yummy dinner! Staying with the routine helps to keep your body feeling normal and indulging keeps you satisfied while on vacation.

4. Get your Workout in Early!
Heat and humidity can really tire you out. Wake up refreshed and get some exercise before the sun takes its toll. A thirty minute run on the beach, a swim in the pool or a few games of tennis are a great couple of ways to stay active and fit on your vacation. 

5. Stay Busy!
Fill your vacation with fun activities that get you moving! You don't have to run on the treadmill to get your heart pumping. Swim in the ocean, go hiking in the jungle, or do some water aerobics. Although vacation is definitely a time for relaxation, you will feel both rested and happy on your return if you use vacation time to get in touch with what you body really needs! 

What are your favorite tips to keep active on vacations?

Maddie & Ellie

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  1. Wow you've really refined your vacationing since the last time we went to mexico!